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ATM Services

Merchant Services USA is all about making more and more gateways available for business growth. We continuously reiterate our commitment in providing our clients the products, services and assistance for their businesses’ development and progress. With this promise we present Merchant Services USA’s ATM services!

Merchant Services USA have seen the many benefits of having an ATM within your establishment or at a nearby location. It’s our pleasure to offer you access to another revenue generating package – the Merchant Services USA automated teller machines.

Why get an ATM?

As previously stated, ATMs bring many benefits to a business. Read on to know more.

Added revenue

Merchant Services USA ATMs translate to increased sales and revenue because the presence of ATMs impels your customers to buy from you. The easy access to cash induces your customer’s impulse buying and prevents him from hesitating to spend some more. Aside from these, you also profit from surcharges on every transaction made on your machine. Additionally, everything stated below also points back to your revenue.

Increased customer traffic

In a way, Merchant Services USA ATMs work as a marketing material. The presence of ATMs raises customer satisfaction. The convenience ATMs bring to the customers also ups customer loyalty. This satisfaction and loyalty are bound to spread one way or another – say, by word of mouth or peer pressure – and your current customers will be bringing in their friends and/or family members to your store, possibly also influencing other people along the way.

Reports also say that the presence of an ATM increases the chances for new customers to have a look at what you offer and possibly buy from you. In turn, all of these add up to your revenue.

Less debit fees to pay

Having a Merchant Services USA ATM in your location also cuts you down on debit fees. Because there is a nearby ATM, your customers or potential customers are more likely to withdraw cash from your machine (which they can also use for purposes other than buying from you) than use their debit cards.

With Merchant Services USA ATMs you get:

  • Free shipping
  • Free installation
  • Free training
  • Free placement
  • Excellent customer service
  • Added account management online
  • Supplemental services

For further inquiries about Merchant Services USA’s ATM services, please contact us and our representatives will do their best to answer all of your questions right away. If in case they are unable to provide you the answer you are looking for, we will make sure someone from Merchant Services USA will get back to you shortly after.

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