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Cash Advance

Merchant Services USA sees how a business can benefit from an immediate availability of funds. Any business can progress dramatically provided accessible funding – equipment upgrade, company expansion, debt solution, a new investment, whatever the business calls for with great urgency, and we are here to help. Merchant Services USA is committed to giving assistance for the growth and developments of our clients’ businesses.

In addition, Merchant Services USA knows the pressing importance of acquiring funding solutions the easiest way, unlike with bank loans which could take you months. We just need to review your cash advance application and check your eligibility to get the cash by examining your business’s average credit card processing volume. If proven qualified, you get your cash only days after you sign all paperwork!

With our cash advance program you will NOT need any of the following:

  • No collateral
  • No penalties for extended payback
  • No hidden costs
  • No personal guarantee
  • No fixed monthly payments
  • No personal risks

Merchant Services USA’s cash advance program’s functionality does not end there! We will keep you from any more hassle by not requiring you to pay the all money back at once and at such a short payback period. Merchant Services USA will just simply deduct a fixed percentage of some of your transactions automatically (with a low interest rate) until you reach the full amount of the cash you advanced.


To get you started, below are our most important requirements for qualification. Cross your fingers, check if you conform to these points, and call us now for a non-obligatory application. Merchant Services USA will get back to you before long for the information on how much money you can advance and how quickly you can get it.

  • You must be already accepting credit cards for payment.
  • You must be in the business for at least one year and located in a registered business location.
  • You must reach our minimum of $xxxx in credit card sales monthly.
  • You must generally be in good standing in all aspects and without any open tax liens, bankruptcies or any other legal judgments.

What more can you ask for?

  • Simple application
  • High approval rate
  • Fast funding release
  • Easy payback terms and conditions
  • Flexible financing
  • Competitive rates
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