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Gift Cards Processing in New Jersey, Manhattan & Manhattan

In the recent years, paper gift certificates have become almost obsolete. Gift cards used to be only afforded by large enterprises but merchant account companies have made it more affordable even for the smaller scale businesses. At the same time that the number of consumers acquiring gift cards continues to rise, more and more merchants realize the benefits of offering gift cards in their establishments and it is about time that you do too! Apply for a Merchant Services USA gift card processing program now in New Jersey, Manhattan, Manhattan!

Why use gift cards?

Business benefits

Easy revenue and pure profit

As you issue a Merchant Services USA gift card to a customer, you generate revenue. And you generate some more when the customer uses the gift card and more still if he adds his own cash at point of purchase. Up until that point of purchase you also earn interest per gift card. Merchant Services USA gift cards not used up to their full value cannot be converted to cash and that unused balance is added revenue for you again. Part of revenue is profit and with more gift cards you issue, the more you profit from it!

Increased purchases and sales

Reports point that the use of gift cards increases purchases. Because gift card recipients get shopping/buying money technically for free, some are willing to pay more for additional items and impulse purchases with their own cash.

Free marketing/advertising

Some of your gift card recipients might never even have set foot on your store before and it is because of this gift card that you will acquire new customers. Your Merchant Services USA gift card can be customized and printed with your company logo and as your gift card recipients carry it in their wallet or card slots, you get a source of free advertising as well.

Furthermore, as your gift card recipients revisit your establishment to use their Merchant Services USA gift card, you encourage customer loyalty. You can also build up loyalty by allowing customers to reload cards that urge repeated business.

Reduced theft and fraud

Because Merchant Services USA gift cards are equipped with security measures and can only be used with your own terminals, the chances of theft and fraud are minimized, unlike with paper gift certificates that can be easily copied or changed.

Less loss from returned items

Offering your customers refund for returned merchandise using your Merchant Services USA gift card ensures you do not lose the value to your competition.

Customer benefits

Practical gift solution

In this era, practicality is a must. Save your customers the time and effort picking up the wrong gift by offering a Merchant Services USA gift card. Knowing the recipient will only get something they like, the three of you – you, gift card buyer and gift card recipient – all end up happy. Moreover, you also give the recipient the freedom as to when, where and what to buy.

All-over convenience

Plastics last longer and are generally easier to handle than paper gift certificates. Merchant Services USA gift cards are effortlessly issued, stored and most importantly, easily tracked! Just a simple swipe and you are done. How fast is that?

What are you waiting for?

Merchant Services USA offers gift card programs for all business types at various rate levels. Surely one of our packages will fit your budget. Call Merchant Services USA now to discuss our gift card programs with our friendly representatives.

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