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Merchant Services carries a large line of credit card processing machines. We market name brand terminals like Hypercom, Nurit and VeriFone. Some of the most popular credit card processing terminals on the market today, include the Hypercom T4210, the Nurit 2085, and the Verifone VX570. Please call us directly at 1-888-811-9113 for ways to save more money on setting up your merchant account with the credit card equipment you need.

Quick Books Pro Quick Books Pro (Accounting Software)

  • Organize Business finances all in one place
  • Create invoices and reports
  • Keep standard track of all expenses, acounting books and financial data


  • Exclusive Magnetic Strip Verification validates the magnetic account information by matching the embossed account number
  • Real time or batch transaction processing
  • Robust and customizable reporting features
  • Client Server software supports customer database capabilities, card readers, PIN pads and check readers
  • Accepts all major credit cards
  • Certified with the major credit card processors
  • For information on Recurring Billing Click the Link Below:

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